Introduction of College

This Educational institute has a golden history from playgroup to post graduation. The seeds of this institute were sown by the great follower of spiritualism, Param Pujaya Sadhvi Swarn Shree Ji Maharaj Sa.this institute is like a huge graceful tree adorned with the dreams, philanthropic thoughts and extreme efforts of the renowned Johri Chacha Sa Shree Rajroop Ji Tank .

It is the quality not the quantity that is emphasized in the institute. Along with the well planned and well organized syllabus many professional courses like Beauty Culture, Computer Basic, O- level, Tally, Spoken English, Sanskrit Conference, Astrology, Vastu, fashion designing, Personality development, health and hygiene etc are taught by the well qualified and trained faculties.


For overall development of students besides annual examination, classroom checking, trimester checking, remedial class, seminars, special lecturers, discussion, culture programmes etc are also organized by the institute .The special training is programmes based on employment and handicrafts like letter writing, translation etc.are also organized here.

For the overall Personality development of the girls summer vacations classes are also organized by the experienced subjects lecturers in the college like; Spoken English, Beauty Culture, yoga. Outsiders can also take the benefits of these programmes along with the college students.

The college library and reading rooms are richly complied with syllabus books, best sellers various language books, news papers and magazines students enhance their knowledge by these mediums. Economically weak and brilliant students get the facility of book bank fee exemption and scholarship such facilities are provided to improve the level of girls education. Girls have been joining the main stream of development by the well equipped beauty culture, home science, music and computer labs.

We cannot forget the generous and altruistic deeds of the management committee and honorable members of the society which is encouraging this promising deed towards completeness.